Edenton HOA Townhomes

7201 Grand Oaks Dr
7207 Grand Oaks Dr
7215 Grand Oaks Dr
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5101 South 71st St
5105 South 71st St
5109 South 71st St
5119 South 71st St
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5127 South 71st St
5133 South 71st St
5137 South 71st St
5141 South 71st St
5207 South 71st St
5215 South 71st St
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5301 Thies Cove
5305 Thies Cove
5309 Thies Cove
5310 Thies Cove
5315 Thies Cove
5317 Thies Cove
5319 Thies Cove
5320 Thies Cove
5327 Thies Cove
5330 Thies Cove
5333 Thies Cove
5340 Thies Cove
5400 Thies Cove
5406 Thies Cove
5412 Thies Cove
5415 Thies Cove
5418 Thies Cove
5421 Thies Cove
5422 Thies Cove
5428 Thies Cove
5434 Thies Cove
5435 Thies Cove
5440 Thies Cove
5441 Thies Cove
Dues are $95 per month (2015 - 16) and are due on the first day of the month. Dues cover lawn care (pre-emergent, weed control, fertilizing, aeration, mowing, and leaf-pickup) operation of the sprinkler system, trash pick-up, recycling services and snow removal. Property owners can pay dues in advance quarterly or yearly. The Association accepts checks only as payment. If you use bill payment service, please make sure your address appears on the check. The mailing address is:

Edenton HOA
P.O. Box 6653
Lincoln, NE 68506

Annual dues are due January 1. A late fee of $10 applies if not paid by March 10th. an additional $25 applies if still not paid by April 10th. Liens are filed on the delinquent property in May. Liens include the amount due, the late fees, filing and release fees and 10% per annum.

Annual dues are used to support the commons areas & the park which is a recreation area for residents & others. Our park is aesthetically pleasing and an attraction to prospective home buyer's. The dues are used for upkeep of the park, such as mowing & fertilizing, tree maintenance, liability insurance and general business functions.

It is a requirement that you provide the HOA with a copy of your insurance coverage. The best information is a copy of the Declaration Page of your policy as it provides the amount of coverage on your property, the address, the dates of coverage and the amount of liability. Many times agents or companies will send this annually at your policy renewal if you ask.

Garbage: Pickup is Friday and must be placed at the curb prior to 7:00 a.m.

Recycle: Pickup is Friday and must be placed at the curb prior to 7:00 a.m.

If there is a holiday in the week prior to the Friday pickup, the pickup will take place the following day.

Typical watering schedule begins at 12:15 a.m.:
  • North of Edenton Road is Sunday and Wednesday
  • South of Edenton Road is Friday and Monday
  • Thies Cove is Tuesday and Saturday

Mowing: Scheduled for Thursdays

Snow Removal: The Edenton Homeowners’ Association, Inc. provides snow removal with the services of a contractor for all Townhomes. Snow is removed from private drives, public walks and private walks to the front door. Snow is not removed from patios. Snow is also removed from the private Thies Cove Drive.

The contractor agreement states that snowfall above two inches will be removed, however, when accumulation is below two inches and drifting occurs, the snow will be removed. The contractor is not responsible for hidden objects that may be covered by snow and are not clearly marked. Residents assume the responsibility to remove items like door mats, extension cords for holiday lighting, and lawn ornaments from areas where snow removal will take place. Damage to items other than covered items should be reported within 12 hours after the damage occurred to Board Member Dayle Williamson.

If hazardous and icy conditions exist, prompt action will be taken. While it is customary to be impatient for any delay in snow removal, it is also customary to delay removal until the major portion of the storm has passed. The contract does not include “call-backs” when city streets are cleared after the drives have been cleared resulting in snow at the end of the drive. Please contact Dayle Williamson or any member of the board if there is an issue with the snow removal service.